Beta Program Overview for Business Architects

Welcome to our Beta Program, specifically tailored for Business Architects focusing on Capability Based Planning. This exclusive, invitation-only program offers an unparalleled opportunity to preview and shape advanced digital tools to streamline and enhance your business architecture practice.


What’s in it for me?


As a valued member of this exclusive advisory group, you’ll receive unprecedented access into our journey of innovation as we design the future of business architecture tooling. Here are some of the reasons we think you might like to join the program:


    • Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity: The features you’ll have access to are designed to streamline and optimize your role as a business architect, significantly reducing the time and effort required and significantly improving the quality of your deliverables. Our intuitive functionality aims to significantly enhance productivity, allowing architects to accomplish more in less time.
    • Improved Decision-Making: Access to cutting-edge tools, empowers Business Architects with enhanced analytical capabilities. These tools provide in-depth insights, analysis, and visualizations that facilitate better strategic decision-making.
    • Early Adopter Advantage: By joining this exclusive Beta Program, you’ll gain a unique advantage as an early adopter of next-generation digital technologies. Get a sneak peek into features and functionality before they’re available to the wider market. This early access allows you to implement and adapt to these innovations ahead of industry trends and competitors.
    • Tier Upgrades: Participants in the Beta Program will have the opportunity to access higher-tier features, as they become available. Beta participants can explore and benefit from the full spectrum of features offered in other Tiers,, empowering you to further extend your usage of the platform to meet your unique business architecture needs.

Your Commitments for a Tailored Experience

Your active involvement is essential to help us shape a product that surpasses expectations, ensuring a rewarding experience for all. As a valued member of our beta program, we ask for:

  • Regular Use and Feedback: Use the product regularly and provide feedback proactively. Your insights drive continuous improvements.
  • Participation in Surveys and Interviews: Share your experiences to refine the product, making it more attuned to your needs.
  • Embrace the Beta Journey: Your candid feedback will help us refine tour tools and enhance your business architecture practice.

Your participation will directly impact the evolution of our platform, ensuring that we understand and appreciate what you need to excel. Your active participation guarantees continuous improvement, aligning the product with your evolving needs.


Join us on a Journey of Innovation

In our exclusive, invitation-only Beta Program, you’re more than just a user – you’re a vital co-creator. Your insights, feedback, and experiences are pivotal in shaping the next-generation of architecture tooling. Join us now to be at the forefront of innovation and influence the future of Business Architecture.


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All of us at Capsifi are fiercely motivated by the opportunity we have to build an incredible, game-changing digital business platform that really matters. Our customers tell us we’re on to something, and we’re proud to be solving a problem that everyone recognizes but no one before us managed to solve.

Terry Roach
Founder & CPO, Capsifi