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01 Our customer


With a population of 230,000 and powering a $14 billion economy, this local government organization is a major provider of business and government services, including managing major development programmes in advanced transport infrastructure system and creating an important hub for medical, legal, financial, educational and professional services.

Using Capsifi’s business architecture tools, an “Easy to Do Business” program was successfully established to reduce small business bureaucracy. The Council involved piloted the program to streamline business applications for bars, restaurants & cafés.

The Task

The goal was to dramatically decrease the time taken to set up a small business by reducing bureaucracy policy and compliance, streamlining the business application process, and eliminating duplicate data input.


Setting up a new business took up to 2 years involving 13 agencies and up to 48 forms!

02 Solution and outcome

Strategic Planning Solution

Capsifi simplified the application process and eliminated data redundancy across multiple disconnected forms. Our enterprise architecture solution created a single, fluid, end to end customer journey where information is only entered once, and the focused process framework is personalized based on prior interactions and valuable  knowledge of the customer relationship.


Improved average application processing time by reducing it from 3 months instead of 18 months. Customer interactions were personalized, contextual, and coordinated by data-driven decisions.

03 Why Capsifi was selected

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