Retail & Logistics – an acutely challenging environment

The key to competing in the fiercely competitive retail and logistics landscape is to continually optimize performance, and without real-time insights across your entire operation, it’s not so easy achieve.

Competition is fierce

The risk of falling behind the competition is at the forefront of many retail and logistics organizations thinking, particularly in view of new market entrants from existing industry ecosystems and the emergence of non-traditional competitors.

You must mitigate this risk. As a traditional retail and logistics organization, you need to increase your speed of operation, and transform your business model, if you want to remain viable in the face of retail innovation and more agile competition.

New retail business processes and models are being powered by evolving technology and alternative ways to connect with consumers. Online marketplaces are geographically agnostic. Market demand is expanding for highly specific products. Small niche players can reach consumers regardless of their physical location, and lower barriers to market entry are further fragmenting the landscape.


Outcomes delivered by Capsifi

Supply chains are under pressure to invest in new technology, including core systems and digital transformations. Digital disruption and innovation are now critical parts of the entire strategy of many businesses.

Capsifi’s complete business modelling and architecture platform helps retail and logistics organizations optimize performance by innovating and improving business capabilities. With Capsifi, you’ll be empowered to make real-time business decisions with confidence, supported by deep insights across your entire operation as you continuously transform and adapt to changes.

Here are some specific outcomes you can expect with Capsifi:

  • Develop fully traceable digital operating models
  • Enhance rapid response capabilities to changes in strategic priorities due to unforeseen national and global events
  • Reduce costs linked to changing regulatory requirements
  • Integrate the ‘voice of the customer’ into every aspect of the operating model, including business capabilities, value streams, processes, IT architecture and delivery
  • Develop a detailed understanding of the technological and business landscape
Retail Logistics Services by Capsifi

Introduce standout capabilities

Capsifi includes all the capabilities needed to drive incredible value across teams, operations and customers.

Pivot quickly

Measure and track progress against your execution of strategic plans, understand where there are challenges and take corrective action fast and early.


Keep resources on track

Identify activities not contributing to clearly defined strategic outcomes and reallocate resources into more appropriate channels.


Blueprint your services

Develop a service blueprint that visually connects the customer experience with your operating model – value streams, business capabilities, process, IT architecture.


Maintain regulatory traceability

Digitally maintain a dynamic and fully traceable catalogue of organizational policies, procedures, regulations and controls.

Capsifi solutions for retail industry and logistics providers

Capsifi offers a comprehensive suite of strategic business solutions that can be applied as individual modules or combined in a powerful, integrated platform tailored to your specific needs. Take a moment to explore possibilities and discover the value Capsifi can bring to your business.

Gartner peer rating

Jalapeno has been very successful for developing and managing Business Strategies and their related ICT and Digital Strategies – then relating them to investments and projects. The relationships between this information enables traceability and “line of sight” from strategy to execution – particularly focused on prioritizing where funds are allocated. The visualizations are excellent at combining crucial information “on one page” to enable better insights and decisions.

Client Executive, APAC Services Industry Organization

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