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Implemented Business Model Innovation Solutions by Capsifi


The biggest roadblock to innovating an organisation is often the organisation itself!
It’s not a lack of ideas – it’s the cultural, strategic, political, and financial barriers that hold back progress. So, throwing innovation solutions and a bunch more ideas into the mix are not the answers to unlocking your ability to innovate your company’s business concepts and sales process.
What’s really needed is bringing these ideas to fruition through the important ability of aligning your unique organisation. This is done by providing better access to information and driving more informed decisions about where to deploy capital to achieve your organisation’s future goals.
You’ll find brilliant business model innovation ideas that result in real business benefits can surface at any time. However, most organisations fail to capture ingenuity as it occurs, inhibited by processes that are way too cumbersome – or even worse, they have no innovation process at all.

Our Business Innovative Solution

Capsifi’s business model innovation strategy for customer-driven innovation engages the voice of the customer by democratising ideas harvested from teams at the coalface.
It empowers teams to be in a constant state of innovation, changing the way your organisation operates – the way you communicate, lead, and make decisions. You unlock your important ability to truly innovate.
Imagine being able to capture innovative ideas instantly and channel them through a common idea management workflow?
What potential would that have for delivering real world value to the business, and even opening the door for increased ROI?



Respond to evolving customer needs

Capture and channel feedback from the experience of customers into the design of new products and services to meet their evolving needs.


Full oversight of innovative ideas

Obtain an organisation-wide view of all ideas and suggestions for improvement and how they align to your organisation’s strategic goals.


Nail down transformation scope

Resolve the Achilles heel of Agile initiatives, feeding and managing the mythical backlog of project delivery with well-designed and prioritised transformation scope.


Get the support you need

Gain the right executive support and leadership to champion innovation – underpinned by an understanding of the impact on business performance and achievement of corporate objectives.


Streamline resource allocation

Better allocate scarce resources – time, money, people – Capsifi helps drive efficiency and free up resources so they can be deployed to innovation initiatives.

Key features of a Capsifi Innovation Solution

Capsifi’s Innovation solution helps you capture your customers’ experiences to feed into the design of new products, allowing you to better allocate resources and drive efficiency. Here are some enterprise architecture features you can expect when you team up with Capsifi today:
Business Innovation Solutions and Ideas

01 Transformation planning

Scenario analysis for budgeting, prioritising, and allocating resources for strategically aligned transformation initiatives.

02 Idea capture

Democratise innovation by capturing ideas from teams at the coalface of user interactions.

03 Idea board

Prioritise ideas, map design artefacts, define the business case and flow work through to the agile delivery backlog.

04 Customer journey maps

An interactive canvas that tracks the outside-in measurements of the experience of customers on their interaction journeys as they engage with your business across the customer lifecycle.

05 Technology portfolio

A consolidated technology landscape of your enterprise systems, their functions, components, performance and alignment with the information, processes, and business capabilities they support.

06 Value proposition whiteboard

Collaboratively workshop customer needs & desired benefits as you design product offerings aimed at targeted customer segments.

07 Customer segments and personas

Leverage carefully considered customer personas to develop targeted messaging and the personalised delivery of products & services to distinctly defined customer segments.

08 Product and services

An interactive catalogue of the products and services you offer, aligned to their features, benefits, and value propositions.

09 Digital whiteboard

A free-form conceptual modelling canvas for collaborative workshopping of concept models and their properties.

10 Digital wireframes

A drag-and-drop wireframing canvas for the design and configuration of data-driven user interfaces and the flow logic of digital interactions.

11 Intelligent form design

Component-based forms development for assembling form layouts, UI controls and decision logic for web-based forms. Includes a packaged connector for Salesforce Lightning.

12 Interaction flow

Freeform design of the flow of web-based customer interactions including decision tables for the flow-logic of pages and the invocation of components and API’s.

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Product guides and coaching

At Capsifi we offer comprehensive support tools to our users in the form of product guides and coaching. Here you can access a number of available materials including “how-to” and feature guides, user manuals, and training courses. Loving the Capsifi Digital Business Platform? Why not consider becoming certified – click on the link below to find out more.

Other Capsifi solutions

Capsifi offers a comprehensive suite of strategic business solutions that can be applied as individual modules or combined in a powerful, integrated platform tailored to your specific needs. Take a moment to learn about the possibilities and discover the value Capsifi can easily bring to your business.

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