Digital transformation

Digital transformation is an exercise in successful business model innovation. With more and more organizations using capability-based-planning and business architecture as the lens through which to execute business model innovation, the role of a Business Analyst has never been more relevant.

In this webinar, we team up with the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) to focus on exploring the future of digital transformation and the goal of a BA in constructing the business model as an enduring strategic asset.

Learning opportunities

  • Understanding the impact of digital transformation on your customer segments
  • Constructing a digital value proposition by customer segment
  • Articulating the digital value streams for value propositions
  • Identifying capability uplift opportunities across the value stream


About the presenter

Terry Roach is the CEO and founder of Capsifi, an Australian software company specialising in business modelling and digital transformation. He is an enthusiastic advocate of business modelling and the practice of business architecture. Terry is the author of the ‘CAPSICUM Framework for Strategically Aligned Business Architecture’. The result of his 2011 PhD thesis from the University of NSW. He continues to lecture post-graduate university courses in Enterprise Architecture and Conceptual Modelling Techniques. And prior to founding Capsifi he held a variety of executive roles with major global technology companies (including PeopleSoft, Oracle, IBM, Apple) managing teams of Solutions Architects and Business Analysts

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