A semantic business model that explains what you do

A common problem with business requirement documents & technology solution designs is that they are generally maintained as static, disconnected artefacts that are imprecise, quickly out-of-date and rarely reusable beyond the project duration.

Capsifi completely inverts existing paradigms for developing technology solutions – placing business first. Our comprehensive models of integrated knowledge contain a complete explanation of the business operating model. This fully aligned collection of information, people, processes and business logic provides a single, consistent, semantic expression of the enterprise, which guides the implementation of technology systems.

The value of a Capsifi intelligent business model endures way beyond the life of a single program, accelerating subsequent projects through reusable enterprise definitions and a dynamically evolving explanation of how the business operates.

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We believe it is inevitable that the future of business systems is decentralised and distributed, with the web providing a dynamic marketplace of commodity technology services, coordinated by intelligent business models.

Capsifi offers 6 modules that can be used individually or as an integrated platform:


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