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Capsifi is ready for the next phase of innovation with $11 million investment

Capsifi announced today it has recently received an $11 million investment from the Australian Business Growth Fund (ABGF). ABGF provides minority growth capital to Australian small-medium enterprises (SME), filling the gap between late-stage venture capital and large buyout funds. It was founded with initial capital of $540 million as a public-private partnership between the Federal Government and six leading banks in Australia.

Co-Head of Investment of ABGF, Ghazaleh Lyari, said: “Capsifi is an Australian research and development success story. With digital transformation fuelling the largest wave of technical investment of our time, we are excited to invest in an innovative technology business that has experienced significant market traction.”

Dr. Terry Roach, Capsifi’s founder and CEO, has decades of experience in designing and implementing enterprise technology applications for large complex organisations. Combining his doctoral studies at The University of New South Wales with his experience motivated him to create Capsifi in 2013.

Dr Roach said: “We’re extremely passionate about our business. From our combined experience, we knew there was a universal problem – consolidating disconnected and disjointed business knowledge. Capsifi was designed to deliver real-time intelligent insights into the inner workings of an organisation.”

“After considering several investment opportunities, we decided ABGF was the right fit for us. The appeal came from their unique philosophy on nurturing and building businesses, rather than taking them over.”

“We have been very impressed by the careful and mutual consideration we have experienced from ABGF, with a clear focus on making sure the growth potential of the business is realised.”

Capsifi’s technology has been recognised within the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture tools. It first appeared in the 2020 edition as the most visionary product in the category. By December 2021, Capsifi was the biggest mover in the report, catapulted into the leader quadrant.

Westpac Group’s General Manager, Commercial Customer Relationship, Tania Motton said: “As a customer of St.George, we will continue to support Capsifi and are looking forward to working with them during this crucial period of growth.”


About Capsifi

Capsifi is a leading provider of software for enterprise architecture and business model innovation. Capsifi’s digital business platform supports architects in planning and managing business transformation initiatives, from conception through to execution, helping customers optimise their organisational agility and business performance by establishing their operating model as a dynamic, interactive, and enduring business asset.

Capsifi’s platform is a dynamic, interactive, operating model canvas, underpinned by a holistic, semantic, knowledge-graph that enables traceability and alignment across fragmented business information. With this solution, customers get the visibility and insights they need to navigate change and improve decision-making.

Capsifi was founded in 2013 by a team of experienced architects and analysts who set out to improve the way that businesses adapt and innovate. By clearly articulating the strategic value of change initiatives, organisations can invert traditional digital transformation approaches – placing business first. Capsifi has evolved around the core philosophy of placing customers at the heart of everything. This principle continues to guide their vision, imagination, and product innovation to ensure customers receive the greatest value and succeed in their transformation efforts.

With the Global Headquarters in Sydney, Capsifi has clients in the USA, Europe and throughout Australia.

For more information, please visit:

Website: www.capsifi.com

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/capsifi/

Twitter: @capsifi


About ABGF

ABGF was founded with initial capital of $540 million as a public-private partnership between the Federal Government and six leading banks. The fund operates commercially and makes investment decisions independently of its shareholders.

ABGF was set up to act as a catalyst for growth in the Australian SME sector by connecting founders and entrepreneurs to the capital, expertise and wider networks they need to succeed.

The fund bridges the gap between late-stage venture capital and private equity. It provides minority-only, patient growth capital that allows owners and founders to retain control of what they’ve built whilst leveraging the fund’s capital and expertise in achieving their growth aspirations.

ABGF leverages a proven investment model that has generated hundreds of successful growth outcomes for businesses in the UK and Canada.


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