Capsifi’s Partner Program – an enduring, profitable relationship for everyone involved

We truly appreciate the trust you place in Capsifi when we join forces, and that’s why our enterprise architecture consulting focuses on providing streamlined and effective service engagements for all our delivery Partners. Of course, our top goal is to deliver measurable, ongoing value to the Customers we serve together, and in close collaboration with our Partners, that’s exactly what we do.

Capsifi’s Partner Program has the right tool for the job

Capsifi’s Digital Business Platform is the ideal strategy framework for Consulting Partners focused on delivering business and technology-driven customer outcomes to increase organizational value. That’s because we specifically built our digital business platform to support your engagements and develop lasting relationships.
The Capsifi Digital Business Platform is a comprehensive operating model, so here’s just a flavour of how our platform will help you, our Partner:

Strategy to execution

Enterprise-wide strategic alignment and end to end traceability


Operating model performance

Value-driven operating model optimisation using Business Capability Maturity Models, Value Drivers, Value Streams and more


Digital transformation

An aggregated view of the Customer, current and future state, scope, roadmaps and strategic objectives


Customer-driven innovation

Bring ideas to fruition, with a clear understanding of the Customer Experience, Journeys and Personas, as well as a fully coordinated ideas management framework


Governance, risk & compliance

Aggregated views of, risk, controls, processes, accountabilities, organisational structures, strategic priorities and delivery roadmaps


Scenario-based planning

Enhanced modelling capability to support current, future state and change impact analysis capability

You can look forward to immediate results

At Capsifi we’re on a mission to make sure our Partners get immediate and enduring results. Our platform supports this objective by increasing your opportunities, differentiating your offerings, and ensuring successful outcomes with your Customers.
Here are just some of the ways your service engagements are enhanced by the Capsifi Digital Business Platform.

Powerful service packages

Rapid, repeatable service packages that leverage pre-built industry domain models to accelerate results


Exploit your own intellectual property

The opportunity to productise your own IP in our platform to accelerate time to value for your Customers


Consistent and repeatable delivery

A consistent delivery methodology with templated support for standard consulting engagements


Increased revenue opportunities

Enjoy an increase in ongoing revenue opportunities and greater ‘stickiness’ in your Customer relationships

Customers will notice the difference as you become their new Superhero!

We want to make you look good. Let’s face it, when you do well, we do well, and a happy Customer ensures everyone wins. Learn about a few superpowers that will help you amaze your customers down below.

Continually evolving strategy documents

Strategy documents (usually developed at a point-in-time) are transformed into a digital format that continues to evolve beyond the lifecycle of the engagement


Easily understood documentation

Static documentation moves to a ‘single source of truth’ based on common language and a commonly understood strategic framework


Comprehensive modelling and insight generation

The time-consuming manual mapping between different organisational elements becomes dynamically aligned to enable greater insights


Role-based accessibility

Entire strategies and business models, assessed on a need to know basis, are moved to a role-based accessibility framework


Build valuable strategic assets

The output of your consulting advice is transitioned from a short-term deliverable to an enduring enterprise asset – an invaluable source of IP

You’ve already seen various benefits of being a Capsifi Partner – there’s more…

Our Digital Business Platform will transform your consulting capabilities. With our industry leaders’ help, you’ll reduce manual analysis and modelling, and fast-track your business into the age of ‘Digital Consulting’. You can add these additional superpowers to your already impressive checklist!


Fully digitise the way your consulting engagements are delivered and move away from disconnected deliverables into a digital, dynamic and fully traceable model



Cut through organisational silos, giving you greater exposure and connections outside your normal sphere of influence



Dynamically evolve the digital blueprint of your client and enable continuous improvement across the entire organisation



Align innovation with strategy and investment across people, process, technology and information



Rapidly generate insights to improve client engagement, business performance, risk management and behavioural change plus use industry frameworks to deliver real-time comparison against best practice models and metrics



Quickly capture and deploy IP, assets, processes, architecture, and models on client engagements – develop enduring digital assets for yourself and your clients, thereby continually enhancing the quality and reducing costs

Capsifi's solutions for every business

Capsifi offers a comprehensive suite of strategic business solutions that can be applied as individual modules or combined in a powerful, integrated platform tailored to your specific needs. Take a moment to explore possibilities and discover the value Capsifi can bring to your business.

And support? We’ve got you covered (naturally)

Capsifi’s highly collaborative Partnering Model focuses on ensuring our Partners and Customers are comprehensively trained. Your customers receive expert ongoing coaching support so they can fully monopolise the full suite of our Digital Business Platform’s functionality.

Support tools designed with you in mind

Capsifi provides internal user licences, as well as a fully hosted sandbox instance and development environments. All designed to help Partners with maximum flexibility and opportunity for upskilling your team and managing your IP assets.

To make it as easy as possible for Partners implementing the Capsifi Digital Business Platform, we have developed a series of self-paced learning material, including ‘How to Guides’, taking you through a selection of implementation pathways, including:

  • The Operating Model Performance Pathway
  • The Strategic Purpose Pathways
  • The Transformation Planning Pathway
  • The Customer-Oriented Value Delivery Pathway

Gartner peer rating

Easy-to-use platform for modelling and linking business artifacts in different layers. Jalapeno provides a comprehensive and intuitive user interface to model business artifacts such as software services, digital workflow and GUI. Linkability between each of those artifacts is unique and powerful when modelling multiple business layers. Moreover, they provide customization cater to customer needs.

Research Assistant, APAC Education Organization – 50,000 employees

Enter our partner program

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