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Note: Please note that a minimum of 2 business days notice is required for new Clients instances.

We only accept a corporate email address in the “email” field. If there is a reason you must use your personal email address, please enter your corporate email address in the “email” field and include a note about your personal email address in the “Message” field.

  • Please provide client name e.g. ACME An instance will be setup with this name. For example
  • Please provide your name e.g. John Citizen at Partner XYZ
  • Please provide subdomain for the instance URL. Subdomain usually is Client Name. e.g. acme is subdomain for Please replace spaces with - e.g. acme company becomes acme-company
  • Please provide Start date of subscription or service
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  • Please choose a region where this instance should be hosted
  • Please provide model names (Usually org name acme Note: [a-z A-Z] no spaces or special chars in model names). Comma seperate values for more than one models (e.g. acme,telecom_business_model). Models with these names will be created on the instance.
    Please choose reference model names
  • User Access

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    User Authorization, In case if Capsifi performs user management then only user provisioning/de-provisioning requests be actioned from these authorised email addresses.
    User Management, Please select who should have access to manage users (User Admin Access) on this new instance.
  • First NameLast NameEmailAdminister Users access (Y/N)Super Admin (Y/N) 
    Please provide admin user details. Administer Users role allows an admin to manage users for this instance while Super Admin role would allow an admin the entire instance administration functionality.
  • First NameLast NameEmailRoleRequires Training (Y/N)Models accessWrite Permission (Y/N)Export Permission (Y/N) 
    Please provide user details with their access. Models access: Please list the models the user has access to (e.g. acme,telecom_business_model) Note: All users get read-only access to reference models loaded for the tenant
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