Business Model Innovation

As business colleagues collaborate, they gather and structure knowledge information supported by focused “pathways” that help them answer questions such as:

  • Which innovations should we prioritise and why? What are the costs and resources versus the expected benefits identified?
  • What does the roadmap look like for a given business capability? What’s the best way of “chunking” change and capability uplifts over time?
  • Ultimately, how do we align investment decisions with the potential for value contribution to the things our stakeholders care about?
    By downloading this white paper you will learn how Business Value Engineering helps align stakeholders and delivers the basis for successful change efforts. Business Value Engineering involves understanding how stakeholders perceive value before using that insight to shape the vision for future state offerings and then optimizing the steps needed to get there.


If you would like to learn more about value engineering and to discover how Capsifi’s digital business platform could help you, reach out to our team now.

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