Our purpose and mission

Our mission is to empower our customers through our business architecture services to make smart, real-time business decisions with confidence, supported by a crystal-clear vision across their entire operation, enabled by the Capsifi Digital Business Platform in the cloud.
Our quest to help our customers to better understand their businesses is relentless. We do this by exposing previously unidentified opportunities for innovation and optimisation.
Capsifi’s Core Values
We passionately believe that no customer problem is too difficult, and no business need is too challenging – dealing with the most demanding questions that are hard to answer is what we do best.
We accomplish our mission using the Capsifi’s strategic planning software to model holistic, intelligent, and actionable insights; all displayed on a common, organisation-wide interface, the Capsifi dashboard.

Values we live by

Capsifi holds dear a set of values that describes us, shapes our culture, and defines who we are. Our values are hard-wired into our DNA and make up the very essence of what Capsifi stands for.

We deliver customer value

We are obsessively focussed on customer outcomes. Everything we do has to start with a customer need and end with measurable customer value. We work best with customers who are comfortable pushing boundaries to make the seemingly unachievable a reality.

We value our customers

We cherish the faith customers place in us and take that responsibility seriously. We’re open and honest in our relationships, encourage frank dialogue, and strive to always live up to our promises.

We’re true partners

We recognise we wouldn’t be where we are today without the close relationship we enjoy with our customers. We never take this relationship for granted and work hard to be accepted as true partners in an alliance that creates value for us both.

We’re passionate pioneers

We’re comfortable pushing boundaries and encourage our customers to come with us as we problem solve, innovate, and create new paradigms. The road can be challenging but the feeling of success is sweet.

We’re proud of our people

Our team comprises the best people in the industry, without exception. Our people are totally committed to what we do, and while we don’t have all the answers, they love working together with our customers to achieve innovative, often ground-breaking solutions.

Commitment to our people

Just as our people are committed to making the Capsifi business management platform the leading solution of its kind, we in turn have a strong commitment to the wellbeing of our team members.
This commitment is given voice in our “people imperatives” which reflect the value we place in our most treasured internal asset.

Our people imperatives


Capsifi promotes an open and inviting culture where everyone feels they can contribute, and their contribution will be valued. Our people are accepted for who they are, treated fairly and equitably, and with respect.



Taking care of yourself comes as top priority at Capsifi, and we emphasise the importance of a healthy work/life balance. We understand that people work better and are more productive when they have purpose, passion, joy and have all their interests fulfilled.


We recognise that everyone is unique, and we believe that individualities should be recognised and celebrated. These differences enrich culture, widen perspectives and uplift Capsifi.



We want everyone at Capsifi to feel they belong, and we achieve this by creating a culture of trust where all voices are heard. We want our people to feel safe bringing their authentic selves to work and to know they will be valued for their contribution and for who they are as individuals.

All of us at Capsifi are fiercely motivated by the opportunity we have to build an incredible, game-changing digital business platform that really matters. Our customers tell us we’re on to something, and we’re proud to be solving a problem that everyone recognizes but no one before us managed to solve.

Ready to get started?

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