It started with a challenge

How could we help people make smarter business decisions?
After several decades of designing and delivering enterprise information systems for large complex organisations, we concluded that a serious obstacle is sabotaging business decision making. People really struggle to understand and explain their business operation in a precise and unambiguous way, making it really hard to make difficult decisions.
So, we set out to fix that.

We believe that fragmented business knowledge is the problem. It is so hard to understand all of the complex dependencies and foresee the intricate implications of business decisions, that managers are running blind most of the time.

We realised that a dynamic, interactive view of the inner workings of the enterprise was needed. It had to reveal compelling insights that addressed the most confounding questions. It also had to future-proof your organisation as you evolved and transformed, providing clarity and insight to empower your teams to make smarter decisions, faster.

We set out to explain how all the moving parts of a business were aligned and connected. Our goal was to turn a business operating model into one of the most important strategic assets of any business.

The idea for Capsifi was born.

How we tackled the problem

At its core, Capsifi is a passionate group of architects and analysts who have spent our careers implementing enterprise technology applications for large complex organizations.

We were the guys running workshops with eager business stakeholders, asking them to explain how their business worked. In our own endless version of “Groundhog Day”, we discovered how consistently ill-equipped they were to do so.

The initial itch we chose to scratch, gradually evolved into a PhD thesis and eventually became the foundation of Capsifi.

We began by asking ourselves “If we want to build a model of a business, what are all the things we need to consider and how do they fit together?”.

Gradually we pieced together a comprehensive explanation of how a business works. We brought it to life as an interactive workbench that dynamically consolidates all of the disconnected and disjointed business knowledge that is so hard to reconcile and align. By connecting all the moving parts, we deliver intelligent insights into the inner workings of your business operation, turning your business model into an enduring, incrementally evolving strategic asset.

We call this a “Digital Business Platform” and we think it’s one of the most important investments you can make to build enterprise resilience.

What you get

Capsifi provides a consolidated map for how all the moving parts of your business align. We take existing knowledge and connect it up into a holistic model of the entire operation, revealing compelling insights that address your most challenging questions.

In an era of relentless technology innovation, businesses are facing an urgent imperative to adapt and innovate as they adjust to the realities of the digital age. In fact, it’s not simply about transforming, but about developing the capacity to continuously transform. The best investment you can make to future-proof your business against disruption is to deeply understand how things work so you can continuously tweak the dials to optimize performance.

Capsifi’s Digital Business Platform transforms your business into a truly connected enterprise.

Which is simply, smarter business.

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Notable events

It started with a PHD thesis

Capsicum Framework PhD Thesis published

Secured MVP grant

MVP Innovation grant received from NSW government

Company registration

Capsicum Business Architects founded

Funds for the future

Seed funding from Angel investors and Collaborative Solutions innovation grant from NSW government

First paying customer

Began our ‘incubation’ at ServiceNSW, our first paying customer

First international conference participation

Jalapeno 1.0 showcased at our first international conferences

An evolution

Began our pivot from a consulting services business to Capsifi, a SaaS software business

Inaugural international customer summits - Stockholm & Chicago

First round financing

Series A funding received from Bricktop Group

Award winner

iAward - Data Insights Innovation of the year

All of us at Capsifi are fiercely motivated by the opportunity we have to build an incredible, game-changing digital business platform that really matters. Our customers tell us we’re on to something, and we’re proud to be solving a problem that everyone recognizes but no one before us managed to solve.

Ready to get started?

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Gartner report

Capsifi named a Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Architecture Tools

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