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01 Our customer


A financial services company based in Australia and New Zealand generating $1B in revenue annually. The financial services provider has been in business for over 150 years, has more than $90B in assets under management, and employs more than 6,000 people worldwide.

The Task

The company needed a way to understand how risk impacted their business and wanted to reduce the cost of improving its existing banking system. The resulting views needed to communicate risk impacts effectively and be insightful for architects and senior executives in both business and technical roles.


  • Our customer underwent a complex core banking replacement initiative requiring customer experience enhancements to improve NPS scores and build brand trust.
  • This all took place in a highly visible regulatory environment.
  • There was an absence of a holistic enterprise view of customer value, sensitive data and the cross-section between them.

02 Solution and outcome

Enterprise Architecture Solution

Modelling customer journeys in Capsifi enabled them to be aligned to value streams, business capabilities and the people, processes, information, and technology that supported them.

Business capability models were assessed for criticality based on the sensitive data objects that they handled. Capability criticality was cross-referenced with customer journey data points, NPS scores and the application functions of the new financial business platform to prioritise delivery and scope testing. The model produced was refined in real-time during workshops and visualizations of the model were updated dynamically.


Capsifi’s business financial services proved to be perfectly suited for the task. The model developed was used for executive decision making. Risk points across different architecture frameworks were overlaid onto the operating model views, clearly identifying where mitigation efforts should be focused.

Full traceability was achieved between customer experience and the business operating model.

03 Why Capsifi was selected

Winning features

  • Service blueprint in the financial sector
  • Value streams
  • Process, application, and pain point impacts
  • Heatmaps and overlays to identify risk points and dependencies

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