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01 Our customer


A Fortune 100 global financial services organization based in North America and generating more than $40B in annual revenue. They have been in business in the financial services industry for over 100 years and have more than 50,000 employees worldwide. Our customer manages its IT function at an enterprise level, across key lines of business and within multiple markets.

The Task

The enterprise data architecture team was tasked with building and communicating a better understanding of data within the organization from a risk perspective.

They needed a way to map out risks and cross-reference them across multiple reference points, producing views that were relevant and insightful for architects and senior executives in business and technical roles within the financial services provider.


The team needed to present a holistic view of technical risk, business continuity risk and reputational risk.

The team’s leadership wanted to create a common reference point as a communication tool when managing stakeholders from different areas of the organization and at differing levels of seniority.

02 Solution and outcome

Enterprise Architecture Solution

Starting with an accepted anchor view of their business capability model managed early expectations among senior leaders. Aligning applications and processes to business capabilities, and applications to geo-locations clearly demonstrated a holistic view of shared resources and duplication of support across the globe. Risk points across different frameworks were overlaid onto the operating model and views clearly identified where mitigation efforts should be focused.

Capsifi reconciled the application process and eliminated data redundancy across multiple disconnected forms, creating a single, fluid, end to end customer journey. Information is only ever entered once, and the customer journey is personalized based on prior interactions and knowledge of the customer relationship because of the financial services architecture framework we created.


A holistic view of risk areas within the enterprise data landscape was developed with a single view of data risk. Gaps in Capsifi’s collective view of risk were identified causing individual risk teams to reassess risk areas and senior leaders benefitted from having better informed conversations about funding prioritisation and risk mitigation.

03 Why Capsifi was selected

Winning features

  • Value Stream view
  • Process and Application impacts
  • Heatmaps and overlays to identify risk points and dependencies

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