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01 Our customer


A global occupational health service provider, with over 1,000 employees, that has helped more than one million injured workers receive compensation rehabilitation, and medical services in their more than 30-year history. Multiple agencies within the same cluster share the technology services and infrastructure offered by an external, shared services integrator.

The Task

The agencies had all been tasked with understanding their strategic application roadmap, taking into account dependencies across the separate organisations. In addition, the agencies wanted to understand the impact of dependent changes on their respective business capabilities.


To meet these business goals the agencies needed a way to independently map out their business operating models and their approved initiatives, referencing the common elements that existed between them.

02 Solution and outcome

Strategic Planning Solution

A cluster of Australian government agencies achieved a line of sight to their shared IT provider by using Capsifi to reveal the capability mapping operating model for all agencies.

The agencies were each able to model their business capability maps, leveraging commonality where it existed. Alignment at this strategic level was evident visually and became the sister organisations’ anchor view. Aligning enterprise architecture applications to business capabilities and systems to applications showed where there were duplication and redundancy.


Application roadmaps for the two agencies were provided to their respective CIOs, including cross-agency dependencies and system life cycle considerations. Opportunities to negotiate with suppliers became evident as common vendors were identified across multiple systems.

A “deep dive” impact assessment focusing on a core system enhancement was developed. They now have visibility of cross-functional and cross-agency dependencies allowing them to proactively mitigate risks that could delay scheduling or blow out budgets.

03 Why Capsifi was selected

Winning features

  • Business capability maps
  • Healthcare business capability models
  • System to application and application to business capability heatmaps
  • Application roadmaps

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