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When it comes down to it, business performance is ultimately determined by the effectiveness of management capability and decision-making, and to make great decisions your team needs the complete picture.
In a complex, multi-faceted organisation, operating in a continuously evolving market environment, getting a big picture view can be frustrating and elusive.
Capsifi’s enterprise architecture solutions focus on consolidating all your fragmented sources of disconnected business knowledge into a holistic, integrated whole. We help turn your business operating model into a core strategic asset that’s dynamic, data-driven, enduring, interactive, and engaging.
Align organisational teams around a common understanding of how business functions are supported by your technology portfolio, and manage the lifecycle of your digital assets with Capsifi’s enterprise architecture operating model.

Model for success

Maintain a comprehensive, integrated digital operating model of organisational capabilities and their alignment with people, process, information, and technology.


Visualise how everything works

Understand the intricacies of operational performance through an enduring, dynamic representation of how everything in your business works and how well it’s all performing.


Maximise technology

Align organisational teams around a common understanding of how business functions are supported by your technology portfolio, and manage the lifecycle of your digital assets.


Demystify business dynamics

Obtain immediate insights into confounding questions on the cause-and-effect dynamics of business performance.


Critical insights

Improve decision-making through comprehensive insights into how all the moving parts of your business are connected and work together.

Key features of Capsifi’s Architecture Solutions

Capsifi’s digital business architecture underpins effective management decision making by giving your skilled team the complete, integrated picture – something that was previously frustratingly elusive. Here are a lot of the key features and important benefits of our enterprise architecture solutions you can expect when you team up with Capsifi:


Jalapeno Software

01 Transformation planning

Scenario analysis for budgeting, prioritising, and allocating resources for strategically aligned transformation initiatives.

02 Strategic roadmaps

Dynamic roadmap views that provide clear visibility of the alignment of planned initiatives with desired business outcomes.

03 Business motivation model

A framework for defining and communicating a strategic business plan, based on the BMM template of Desired Results, Courses of Action and Directives.

04 Value trees

Decompose business value dimensions and optimise the allocation of costs and investment opportunities.

05 Capability maps

Adopt a consistent, shared view of business capabilities and their inter-dependencies across the operating model.

06 Heatmaps

Configurable visual cues for tracking diverse, user-defined business measures at a glance, such as performance, maturity, and risk across many of the standard Capsifi visualisations.

07 Technology portfolio

A consolidated technology landscape of your enterprise systems, their functions, components, performance and alignment with the information, processes, and business capabilities they support.

08 Customer segments and personas

Leverage carefully considered customer personas to build targeted messaging and the personalised delivery of products & services to distinctly defined customer segments.

09 Organisation structure

A dynamic map for organising business units and territories that aligns people and teams into hierarchical, matrix, regional or agile ways of working.

10 Business requirements

Manage the specification and lifecycle of business needs as they guide the development of enhancements to business capabilities and/or technology systems.

11 Use cases

Create structured representations of the sequence of actions and steps between business actors and systems in the execution of common business transactions.

12 Conceptual, logical and physical data models

Ability to manage enterprise data and align the lifecycle of information across the operating model landscape of business capabilities, applications, processes, and people

13 Metadata management

Manage the specification and maintenance of data attributes, data types and the ongoing governance and constraints on controlled vocabularies.

14 Dictionaries and glossaries

Create, maintain, reconcile, and publish common global definitions of business terminology across an enterprise.

15 Entity relation diagrams

Visualise the logical schema of the classes and relations in an enterprise data model through the industry-standard template of entity relation diagrams.

16 Schema import/export

Ingest and publish logical data definitions as XML schemas (XSD) for sharing data models with external data sources.

17 Ontology editing

Support for the design and development of RDF-based ontologies for the semantic expression of enterprise classes and their properties (attributes and relations).

18 Dataflow diagrams

Visualise the flow of information within an organisation from the role-based inputs and outputs of stakeholders, through process steps, application functions and information repositories

19 Digital whiteboard

A free-form conceptual modelling canvas for collaborative workshopping of concept models and their properties.

20 Reference model mapping

Leverage pre-packaged reference models for operating model guidance and alignment with industry standards

21 API management

Coordinate the usage of a catalogue of enterprise API’s, including SWAGGER compliant import/export of interface definitions with mappings to enterprise data model schemas.

Peer Gartner rating

Jalapeno has been very successful for developing and managing Business Strategies and their related ICT and Digital Strategies – then relating them to investments and projects. The relationships between this information enables traceability and “line of sight” from strategy to execution – particularly focused on prioritizing where funds are allocated. The visualizations are excellent at combining crucial information “on one page” to enable better insights and decisions.

Client Executive, APAC Services Industry Organization

Product guides and coaching

At Capsifi we offer comprehensive support to our users in the form of product guides and coaching. Here you can access our available learning materials including “how-to” and feature guides, user manuals, and training courses any time. Loving the Capsifi Digital Business Platform? Why not consider becoming certified – click on the link below to learn more.

Other Capsifi solutions

Capsifi offers a comprehensive suite of strategic business solutions that can be applied as individual modules or combined in a powerful, integrated platform tailored to your specific needs. Take a moment to explore possibilities and discover the value Capsifi can bring to your business.

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