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Enterprise Architecture


It’s clear that today’s digitally enabled customers are increasingly calling the shots in the evaluation of their purchase decisions. With immediate access to information and a myriad of competitive options, digital innovation has shifted the balance of power in the customer’s favor. To build lasting relationships in this volatile, customer driven environment, businesses need to be more alert than ever to the shifting demands of customer tastes and trends.
Building a robust brand loyalty strategy begins with understanding who your customers are and how you can continuously assess and respond to their shifting needs. This means developing, reinforcing and adjusting your internal processes and product offerings around value propositions targeted specifically at carefully defined customer segments. And it involves ongoing monitoring and measuring your customers’ experience across their journeys as they interact with your business.
What potential would that this level of customer insight have for delivering real world value to the business, and even opening the door for increased ROI?

Achieve true customer-centricity with Capsifi

Create loyalty by understanding your customers and their shifting needs and options before developing, reinforcing and adjusting your organization’s offerings accordingly.

Demonstrate value

Innovate the value proposition in your product offerings for digitally savvy customers who have access to virtually unlimited purchasing options.


Identify your customer

Identify and describe your targeted customer segments to make highly relevant connections with products and services that closely match your customers’ needs.


Create loyalty

Improve the experience across your customer journeys by closely understanding who your customers are and their needs as they continue to evolve.


Understand what makes you different

Workshop your unique value proposition to develop customised offerings while measuring the experience and value delivery across customer journeys.


Innovate constantly

Capture ideas to feed the innovation backlog and push business levers to instantly move the needle in response to the voice of your customers.

Our customer experience solution

Capsifi’s customer experience capabilities help you remain competitive in today’s digitally connected world where virtually unlimited information and various quality options are driving your customers’ purchasing decisions.
Business Architecture Software

01 Customer segments and personas

Leverage carefully considered customer personas to develop targeted messaging and personalised delivery of products and services to distinctly defined customer segments.

02 Digital wireframes

A drag-and-drop wireframing canvas for the design and configuration of data-driven user interfaces and the flow logic of digital interactions.

03 Customer journey maps

An interactive canvas that tracks the outside-in measurements of the experience of customers on their interaction journeys as they engage with your business across the customer lifecycle.

04 Interaction flow

Freeform design of the flow of web-based customer interactions including decision tables for the flow-logic of pages and the invocation of components and API’s.

05 UI component library

Manage and track the design and configuration of UI components and their usage in a library of digital forms.

06 Idea capture

Democratise innovation by capturing ideas from teams at the coalface of user interactions.

07 Idea board

Prioritize ideas, map design artefacts, define the business case and flow work through to the agile delivery backlog.

08 Value streams

Visually analyze an inside-out perspective on the stages in the flow of business transactions to align resources, skills, technology, and effort in the delivery of business outcomes.

09 Intelligent form design

Component-based forms development for assembling form layouts, UI controls and decision logic for web-based forms. Includes a packaged connector for Salesforce Lightning.

10 Value proposition whiteboard

Collaboratively workshop customer needs and desired benefits as you design product offerings aimed at targeted customer segments.

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Product guides and coaching

At Capsifi we offer comprehensive support tools to our users in the form of product guides and coaching. Here you can access our available materials and information any time, including “how-to” and feature guides, user manuals, and training courses.
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