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Governance Software Solutions by Capsifi


Good governance can only happen when you have a clear line-of-sight into exactly how your business operates, how it’s performing, and the potential impact of different business exposures.
Capsifi’s enterprise architecture capabilities support a highly considered and nuanced decision-making process. Not only do you get a complete understanding of your immediate position, you gain insights into future scenarios and their risk-versus-reward potential.
Plan ahead by taking proactive steps to reduce the likelihood of negative outcomes, adjust and tune as things change, delegate accountability, and build an organizational mindset focused on doing things better, faster, more efficiently.
Does your team have the insights needed to uncover opportunities, risks, and untapped potential in your business operations?

Get on top of risk and uncertainty with Capsifi

Power through complex organisational intricacies and interdependencies by harnessing the in-built intelligence of Capsifi to resolve competing priorities and become truly focused.

Handle risk and compliance

Develop effective organizational capabilities and best practices for the governance and assurance of risk and compliance.


Protect your assets

Embed policies, controls, and procedures into the fabric of your systems operating model to manage risk, minimize impacts and protect your assets.


Get focussed

Reduce uncertainty, resolve competing priorities, and really know where to focus your attention.


Create more value

Discover where value is created and how to create more value by understanding your organizational framework – what it does and how it does it.


Expect the unexpected

Provide increased transparency through your every level of your organisation and drill down into risk and performance bottlenecks.

Our governance solution

Capsifi’s  governance capabilities helps you power through complex organisational intricacies and interdependencies to protect assets, reduce uncertainty and resolve competing priorities.

Architecture Governance Software

01 Capability maps

Develop a consistent, shared view of business capabilities and their inter-dependencies across the operating model.

02 Heatmaps

Configurable visual cues for tracking diverse, user-defined business measures at a glance, such as performance, maturity, and risk across many of the standard Capsifi visualisations.

03 Organisation structure

A dynamic map for organising business units and territories that aligns people and teams into hierarchical, matrix, regional or agile ways of working.

04 Product and services

An interactive catalogue of the products and services you offer, aligned to their unique features, benefits, and value propositions.

05 Roles and responsibilities

Manage the categorisation and assignment of entitlements and responsibilities to individuals and teams in the roles that they perform in delivering business outcomes.

Peer Gartner rating

The tool is very easy to use, and does not require formalized training to start using. There is so much functionality, that it can be used for many different purposes, and provides an easy way to visualize corporate strategy and the link between it and IT strategy (from vision & goals to execution.) There are so many great views that allow you to show many different aspects of your data. There many to many relationship to data is very helpful.

IT Business Consultant, North American Finance Organization - $30B+ revenue

Product guides and coaching

At Capsifi we offer comprehensive support tools to our users in the form of product guides and coaching. Here you can access our available materials and information any time, including “how-to” and feature guides, user manuals, and training courses.
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As a complete business modelling and architecture platform, Capsifi offers a comprehensive suite of strategic business capabilities tailored to your specific needs.

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