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Business Operations Solutions by Capsifi


Being able to deeply understand your business operation, and accurately monitor how your business operations model is performing, is hugely challenging. However, to ensure that you stay ahead of the pack in a frenetic, digitally evolving world, you need to be able to do just that.
Even the smallest edge can make a huge difference when it comes to efficiency and business operations performance. For example, getting new digital offerings to market quickly has never been more critical to staying relevant and one step ahead of your business rivals.
Capsifi’s digital operating model helps you optimise performance by identifying everything you need to consider and how it’s all connected. To access the levers for moving the organisational needle, we help you understand the relationships and dependencies that impact business performance.
How about an insightful operations performance solution that facilitates rapid decision making based on accurate feedback on the effectiveness of your operating model?
What would that do for your ability to fast track your business decisions?

Our solution

Capsifi’s Operations performance solution is intelligent and insightful – it uncovers how your business operating model is performing and helps you optimise by identifying everything you need to consider and how it’s all interconnected.

Break down silos

Identify key strategic issues and areas of improvement across every aspect of your business operation, in an aggregated way that helps look beyond organisational silos and at an organisation-wide level.


Get aligned

Align behaviour, organisational design, compensation, and goals across your enterprise and continue to evolve your design to support collaboration and make sure everybody is pulling in the same direction with a proven team operating model.


Know where you’re going

Understand where you’re at compared to industry best practice, where improvements can be made, and the future skills, capabilities and technology you need; plan and invest now to be ahead of the game and to attract and retain the talent you need.


Evolve with your people

Improve everything you touch by empowering every person in your organisation to engage in the continual evolution and improvement of your business over time – reward your people for removing bottlenecks and creating a culture of continuous improvement.


Dynamic consoles

Understand what happens, when and why, through interactive business consoles that are dynamic and give you insight across your entire business.

Key features of Capsifi Business Operations Solutions

Our business architecture operating model solution is your key to deeply understanding your business operation and monitoring how your organisation is performing – and that’s no mean feat. To learn more information about how our experts can help, explore some of our digital operating model examples any time. Here are some features you can expect when you team up with Capsifi:
Business Architecture Operating Model

01 KPI’s and Metrics

Define, manage, and monitor key measurements and performance indicators for tracking business performance

02 Value maps

A structured decomposition of the various dimensions of business value and the levers available to the organisation for moving the needle on value delivery.

03 Value trees

Decompose business value dimensions and optimise the allocation of costs and investment opportunities.

04 Capability maps

Develop a consistent, shared view of business capabilities and their inter-dependencies across the operating model.

05 Heat maps

Configurable visual cues for tracking diverse, user-defined business measures at a glance, such as performance, maturity, and risk across many of the standard Capsifi visualisations.

06 Value Streams

Visually analyse an inside-out perspective on the stages in the flow of business transactions to align resources, skills, technology, and effort in the delivery of business outcomes.

07 Customer journey maps

An interactive canvas that tracks the outside-in measurements of the experience of customers on their interaction journeys as they engage with your business across the customer lifecycle.

08 Organisation structure

A dynamic map for better organising business units and territories that aligns people and teams into the hierarchical, matrix, regional or agile ways of working

09 Products and services

An interactive catalog of the products and services you offer, aligned to their features, benefits, and value propositions.

10 Business processes

Manage a catalogue of common business processes defining the sequenced flow logic for tasks and the related alignment of roles, information, and systems to support business transactions.

11 Roles and responsibilities

Manage the categorisation and assignment of entitlements and responsibilities to individuals and teams in the roles that they perform in delivering business outcomes.

12 Skills and competencies

Catalogue the required skills and competencies of individuals and teams, to enable the business capabilities that they support.

13 Intelligent form design

Component-based forms development for assembling form layouts, UI controls and decision logic for web-based forms. Includes a packaged connector for Salesforce Lightning.

14 Interaction flow

Freeform design of the flow of web-based customer interactions including decision tables for the flow-logic of pages and the invocation of components and API’s

Gartner peer rating

Use it for what it is – the best Business Architecture, Strategy and Operating Model product we’ve used.

Client Executive, APAC Services Industry Organization

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At Capsifi we offer comprehensive support to our users in the form of product guides and coaching. Here you can access our available types of learning materials including “how-to” and feature guides, user manuals, and training courses. Loving the Capsifi Digital Business Platform? Why not consider becoming certified – click on the link below to find out more.

Other Capsifi solutions

Capsifi offers a comprehensive suite of strategic business operations solutions that can be applied as individual modules or combined in a powerful, integrated platform tailored to your specific needs. Take a moment to explore possibilities, then you’ll discover the value of the real change Capsifi can bring to your business.

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