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Strategic Planning Software by Capsifi


The complexity of managing your business in an increasingly uncertain and unpredictable world is a huge challenge. Your efforts to strategize and meet your goals are being tested relentlessly.
Now, imagine you have a coordinated strategic execution blueprint. One that gives you the ability to continuously monitor and flexibly adapt your strategic course and business capability in response to shifting market needs. A plan that dynamically aligns top investment decisions to unfolding management initiatives and evolving technology.
This contextually relevant, inclusive and dynamic blueprint is accessible to everyone in your organization and intricately linked to every activity undertaken in the creation of value. With plan in hand, everyone can intimately understand how the data in your plan rolls up, making it easy to track progress on the road to strategic success.
What would this kind of “superpower” do for your business?

Unlock strategic agility with Capsifi

Capsifi gives you the agility needed to steer your organization from strategy to execution, at scale. Improve transparency, establish synergies, centralize decision-making and gain critical insights to deliver on key organizational goals.

Empower your people

Enable everyone in your organization to understand your strategy and the steps they need to take to execute on it.


Be agile

Measure and track your progress against executing your strategic plan, understand where there are challenges and take corrective action fast and early.


Be aligned

Align corporate strategy with your business units across your entire organization so you’re all working together to help achieve your goals and the best result possible.


Maximise resources

Identify activities that aren’t contributing to clearly defined strategic outcomes so that resources can be more appropriately channelled to other projects.


Invest wisely

Make better decisions on where to invest, which initiatives to fund and where to deploy capital to deliver on strategy.

Our strategy execution solution

Our strategic execution capabilities help you create a connected and inclusive plan for your organization, where all stakeholders are empowered and in alignment with your strategic direction.
Trusted Strategic Planning Software

01 Strategy on a page

A consolidated summary of an annual operating plan in a dynamic, interactive canvas that effectively communicates the plan to the entire organization.

02 Investment planning

Scenario analysis for budgeting, prioritising and allocating resources for strategically aligned transformation initiatives.

03 Strategic roadmaps

Dynamic roadmap views that provide clear visibility of the alignment of planned initiatives with desired business outcomes.

04 OKR's and metrics

Define, manage, and monitor key measurements and performance indicators for tracking business performance.

05 Business motivation model

A framework for defining and communicating a strategic business plan, based on the Business Motivation Model (BMM) template of Desired Results, Courses of Action and Directives.

06 Value maps

A structured decomposition of the various dimensions of business value and the levers available to the organization for moving the needle on value delivery.

07 Value trees

Decompose business value dimensions and optimise the allocation of costs and investment opportunities.

08 Diagnostic Heatmaps & Root Cause Analysis

Configurable visual cues for tracking diverse, user-defined business measures at a glance, such as performance, maturity and risk.

09 Organisation structure

A dynamic map for organising business units and territories that aligns people and teams into hierarchical, matrix, regional or agile ways of working.

10 Roles & responsibilities

Manage the categorisation and assignment of entitlements and responsibilities to individuals and teams in the roles that they perform in delivering business outcomes.

11 Skills and competencies

Catalogue the required skills and competencies of individuals and teams, to enable the business capabilities that they support.

Gartner peer rating

Capsifi’s cloud-based, modelling platform, Jalapeno, provided an unparalleled level of visibility and connection between all elements of a business model, from strategic planning through to individual user stories, thereby dramatically enhancing our transformational capability.

OCM Director, APAC Education Organization – 50,000+ employees

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