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In contrast to disruptive, one-off change initiatives, a transform business solution is about continuously improving your business steadily and systematically. It’s the “bread and butter” of sustainable development, staying relevant, keeping pace with your competitors, and addressing the digital demands of your customers.
Continuous business transformation is never a set-and-forget type of exercise. It’s not about transforming your ways, but rather about building the capacity to be able to continuously transform. It’s an inclusive developmental process that involves continuous feedback loops, capturing ideas from the coalface of customer interactions, prioritising against strategic business drivers, reviewing progress against stated objectives. You need to be able to pivot quickly to ensure every strategy keeps moving in the right direction despite shifting priorities.
How capable are you of adjusting your thinking and shifting your initiatives midstream? How confident are you that you’re moving in the right direction?
Imagine you could future proof your organisation in today’s intensely competitive digital environment where change is a constant and happening at lightning speed. Would that help you keep pace with your competitors and successfully meet the demands of your customers?
What would that do for your ability to fast track your business decisions?
Capsifi’s digital transformation solution helps you build the capacity to transform, with continuous feedback of ideas from the coal face of your client interactions you’ll confidently adjust your thinking and initiatives to future proof your business.

Start in the right place

Every organisation starts in a different place and every transformation is different, so Capsifi helps ensure you start at the right place by capturing a digitally connected “as-is” starting point and helping you transform from there.


Sync the moving parts

Keep the many parts of a complex transformation coordinated saving you time having to understand how they impact each other.


Nail down problems faster

Understand the root cause of a problem faster, giving yourself more time to be able to take essential corrective action and get your digital transformation back on track.


Communicate technology needs precisely

Provide better clarity and transparency of your needs to your IT organisation so they can provide the right technology to enable your transformation.


Get the complete picture

Capsifi helps you think about every aspect of your organisation that’s impacted in a transformation – beyond people, process and technology.

Key features of a Capsifi Transformation Solution

Capsifi’s digital transformation solution gets you started in the right place and helps you keep all the moving parts in sync so you can understand problems faster, think about how every aspect of your organisation is impacted, and increase business capability. Here are some features and digital solutions you can expect when you team up with the experts at Capsifi:
Digital Transformation Solutions for Your Business

01 Transformation planning

Scenario analysis for cost-effective budgeting, prioritising, and allocating resources for strategically aligned transformation initiatives.

02 Strategic roadmaps

Dynamic roadmap views that provide clear visibility of the alignment of planned initiatives with desired business outcomes.

03 Capability maps

Develop a consistent, shared view of business capabilities and their inter-dependencies across the operating model.

04 Capability assessments

Collaboratively assess capability maturity to understand how well the business is performing, identifying pain-points and opportunities for uplifts.

05 Heatmaps

Configurable visual cues for tracking diverse, user-defined business measures at a glance, such as performance, maturity and risk across many of the standard Capsifi visualisations.

06 Technology portfolio

A consolidated technology landscape of your enterprise systems, their functions, components, performance and alignment with the information, processes, and business capabilities they support

07 Business requirements

Manage the specification and lifecycle of business needs as they guide the development of enhancements to business capabilities and/or technology systems.

08 Use cases

Create structured representations of the sequence of actions and steps between business actors and systems in the execution of common business transactions.

09 Business processes

Manage a catalogue of common business processes defining the sequenced flow logic for tasks and the related alignment of roles, information, and systems to support business transactions.

10 Roles and responsibilities

Manage the categorisation and assignment of entitlements and responsibilities to individuals and teams in the roles that they perform in delivering business outcomes

11 Skills and competencies

Catalogue the required skills and competencies of individuals and teams, to enable the business capabilities that they support.

12 Digital wireframes

A drag-and-drop wireframing canvas for the design and configuration of data-driven user interfaces and the flow logic of digital interactions.

13 Interaction flow

Freeform design of the flow of web-based customer interactions including decision tables for the flow-logic of pages and the invocation of components and API’s.

14 Portfolio management

Coordinate and monitor portfolios of change initiatives with strategic alignment of resource allocations, budgets, business cases and the delivery of value-aligned outcomes.

15 Project delivery

Plan, manage and track, waterfall or SAFe-aligned Agile project teams and the flow of work through the stages of a business or technology transformation.

16 Project work schedule

Manage the allocation of resources to optimise the use of skills and effort in the delivery of prioritised work packages.

17 Enablement roadmap

An interactive planning tool that addresses the multi-dimensional challenge of analysing, reconciling, and communicating scope, impacts and timelines across a portfolio of change programs.

18 Test management

Manage a comprehensive testing plan for technology implementations including the ability to create, assign and monitor the lifecycle and acceptance criteria of defects and enhancement requests.

19 Release planning

Coordinate the scope and planning of release cycles with end-to-end traceability of the functional scope of a release, the requirements addressed and the auto-generation of release notes.

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Product guides and coaching

At Capsifi we offer comprehensive support to our users in the form of product guides and coaching. Here you can access our available materials including “how-to” and feature guides, user manuals, and training courses. Loving the Capsifi Digital Business Platform? Why not consider becoming certified – click on the link below to find out more.

Other Capsifi solutions

Capsifi offers a comprehensive suite of strategic business solutions that can be applied as individual modules or combined in a powerful, integrated platform tailored to your specific needs. Take a moment to explore possibilities and discover the value Capsifi can bring to your business.

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