Position customer-centricity at the forefront of architecture

Jalapeno’s service blueprint brings together those ‘outside in’ and ‘inside out’ views to illustrate where operating model weakness may be impacting the customer’s experience when interacting with the organization.

Having that line of sight from the customer all the way through to the detail of the value stream is priceless and provides additional opportunities for prioritization dimensions and customer-led transformation. 

In addition, the customer experience map itself can be configured to include lanes that draw upon objects within the operating model that are referenced elsewhere. Good examples of such objects are pain points and opportunities or ideas. Each of these objects may exist in an experience swim lane as pain points or ideas experienced within each journey stage. The very same objects may also be aligned to capabilities, to the people, processes, information or technology they impact, to objectives and to many other areas. Explicit traceability between customer experience and the operating model not only helps experienced designers and architects to collaborate more closely but it helps to position customer-centricity as a key component of architectural practice.



Customer Journeys

Jalapeno’s customer journeys provide a structured view of customer experience that can be configured and aligned to the operating model, providing line of sight from customer to architecture.

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