Digital Disruptions in the Telecom Industry

They say never present a problem without a solution – we’ll get to that in just a moment. First, let’s take a look at some of challenges faced by the Telecom industry that are disrupting numerous businesses and their traditional strategies.

Rapidly evolving customer expectations

With Customer expectations evolving at a lightning-quick pace, functions such as invoicing, payments, and service configuration have all become more complex. This, coupled with the effects of a pandemic which has brought numerous changes to the industry, means it’s a given that everything now gets done remotely.

Of course, all of this has a cost attached to it, and managing tomorrow’s expectations today requires new tools and resources, which in turn means taking on additional financial overhead.

Delivering a quality, personalized service quickly – even remotely

Assisting millions of customers every day through contact centers makes delivering a quality service challenging at the best of times. However, when teams are working remotely and don’t have access to the complex technology that can be leveraged on site this challenge multiplies.

Delivering quick responses to expectant consumers, with a deeply personalized service (now more important than ever) has become an increasingly difficult thing to achieve.

OTT media platforms

Popular over-the-top (OTT) players in the Telecoms industry are siphoning traffic away from traditional Telecom companies. Customer experiences are being redefined for messaging as well as video and voice calling services through digital transformation initiatives.

Now factor in the expansion of Internet of Things (IoT) and devices generating trillions of new data sources, and it’s clear exploiting Innovation and Communication Technologies (ICT) is critical to fuel organizational resilience and flexibility.

The Capsifi solution

Considering the challenges faced in the current disrupted and developing world of Telecoms, a solution that helps you make real-time decisions with confidence, supported by deep insights across your entire operation, would definitely help keep you ahead in the game.
Capsifi’s cloud-based Digital Business Platform is just such a solution, in fact it’s revolutionary. Our Digital Business Platform empowers you to make those real-time decisions confidently.
It provides the information you need to fine-tune and refine the customer experience in real time. With Capsifi’s Digital Business Platform you continually adapt and improve your technology and information management landscapes, while coordinating ideas management.
Calling and texting are at the core of the services and experiences that Telecom companies provide. With OTT media companies innovating communication, what can Telecom providers do to compete? Our Digital Business Platform helps you deliver rapid responses, effective customer support, authentic empathy, and long-term rapport to generate loyalty. Blazing your own innovative path with services and technology will strengthen your company’s credibility.
With Capsifi, you’ll also digitally maintain a dynamic and fully traceable catalogue of organisational policies, procedures, regulations, and controls – keeping on top of your regulatory obligations.
We call this “Simply smarter business”.
Business Architecture for Challenged Faced by Telecom Industry

Work together with Capsifi

Here are some of the benefits you can expect when you team up with Capsifi:

Fast payback

Capsifi’s Digital Business Platform reduces delays in operational processes and is your new superpower enabling you to convert ideas into strategy, then reality – quickly delivering measurable business benefits and ROI.


Monitor strategy

Instantly identify activities that are not contributing to clearly defined strategic outcomes.


Connect the dots

Develop a Service Blueprint that visually connects customer experience (customer persona/voice of the customer), with your Digital Business Platform via value streams, business capabilities, process, IT architecture and more.


Find the gaps

Enable extensive traceability across your Digital Business Platform to identify compliance requirements and gaps, allowing for remediations and controls to be tightened.


Pivot quickly

Measure and track progress against executing strategic plans, understand where there are challenges and take corrective action fast and early, pivot quickly to meet the rapidly changing demands of the Telecom marketplace.

Capsifi solutions for Telecom industry

Capsifi offers a comprehensive suite of strategic business solutions that can be applied as individual modules or combined in a powerful, integrated platform tailored to your specific needs. Take a moment to explore potential growth opportunities and discover the value Capsifi can bring to your business.

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